About the Work



By working in traditional metalsmithing materials and age old methods such as forming, forging, imprinting and casting, Nina Mann creates work that is distinctly contemporary yet evocative of the ancient high carat work of Byzantine, Egyptian and Asian cultures. Her collection of jewelry in silver and high carat gold reflects natural forms and refined elegance. The combination of sterling silver with 18k and 22k gold offers subtle contrasts of color, surface and form. Often the metal is etched, allowing the gold to stand in relief, thus adding yet another textural element to the work. High carat gold, with its inherent plasticity, permits still greater variety of surface textures which are achieved by printing and hammering the metal. The shapes acquire volume by forging and die forming while soldering and fusing connect all the elements.

Each neckpiece, brooch or pair of earrings is an individual piece of wearable art, even considered by some to be a portable sculpture. Ms. Mann uses a variety of precious metals and gemstones,* often combining the most desirable of stones with not only precious metals, but with alternative materials, such as blackened steel.

* All metals and gemstones are responsibly sourced and recycled. Fair Trade materials are purchased from reputable vendors.