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Perhaps it is true that all we ever learn was learned as a child. For it was as a child that I actually learned the value of play and the sensory experiences of touch, for which I am ever grateful.

During my early school years I envisioned myself as a famous painter. My drawings were prolific; on every sheet of loose paper, in books, and all over the backyard pavement and sidewalks of my home.

 Continuing with my education, I pursued studies in art, Far Eastern history, and teaching. It wasn’t until I received a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Development that I realized I really wanted to be an artist.

 I work in precious metals, benefiting over many years from the experiences of studying with masters in their fields. I have dedicated myself to all aspects of jewelry making, and apprenticed with a bench jeweler, painstakingly perfecting all aspects of my craft.

 My work is very much about the metal itself, particularly its malleability and form. I transform the metal through several processes of fusing, rolling, reticulation and manipulating it until it is changed from raw material into an object of beauty that possesses its own gratification and magical presence. It is extremely wearable-  balanced, comfortable, and beautifully presented.

Nature’s forms and textures are my inspiration, as are universal elements found in ancient civilizations. I am impressed by the quiet beauty – precious, fragile, and unpredictable – that fills our lives.

Art has always been a consistent aspect of my daily life. I derive great satisfaction and joy in creating objects of beauty. It is my goal as an artist to share this beauty with the unique individual who will collect and wear my jewelry

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