Jewelry Care



Thank you for choosing a piece of Nina Mann jewelry.

All my jewelry is made by me in my studio using various combinations of sterling silver, 18k, 22k and 24k gold. Some metal is used that is gold and silver on two sides. It is called bi-metal and is composed of a laminated sheet of 22k gold fused to sterling silver. It is not plated. The gold will not wear off or scratch through.

Oxidized sterling silver is blackened by immersion in a sulfur solution. The color will not rub off onto your skin or clothing.

It is helpful to keep the jewelry piece enclosed in silver cloth or even a zip lock bag, as all silver will eventually tarnish. I recommend cleaning with a small piece of Scotch Brite pad, rubbing the oxidized portion lightly to clean and brighten. Use of any silver polish will remove the patina and ruin stones and pearls.

Here is another method that is effective for cleaning silver:

Line a small bowl with aluminum foil. Add a small amount of baking soda and a squirt of liquid detergent. Mix with boiling water. Immerse the jewelry in the solution for a few minutes or until it looks clean. Rinse well and dry completely with a soft cloth.

Please do not ever use silver polish. It will remove the patina and damage pearls.

Gold will not tarnish and should not require cleaning.

Earring posts are 18k gold. For earrings with French wires, it is recommended they be secured with earring nuts. This will prevent the earrings from slipping out of the ears.

Always remember to put perfume and hair spray on first before wearing jewelry, and preferably not at the place the jewelry will touch.